About Us

At USC, we saw the need for high quality business consulting and strategic development for small to medium size businesses and we decided to fill that need by offering our top-notch services to businesses of all kinds.


We have a highly trained team of specialists who have made it their goal to help small to medium businesses cut costs, generate sales, increase profits and build a brand that will help them get an edge over their competitors.


We have years of experience in consulting and business coaching, and after getting an idea of your business goals and objectives, we are certain we can help you grab the advantage you need to get ahead.


We offer a unique pricing structure that offers you high quality services with minimal risk. We do this by charging you based on the amount at which your sales and profits are increased as a direct result of our services. This advantage over other companies makes it easy for you to be able to afford our professional services, since there is minimal risk involved.


Because we only make money if you make money, this motivates us to work hard for your business, which means you get maximum results. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Your business growth is our business. That’s our motto, and one we stand behind with every client we take on.


Whether you’re business is brand new and needs someone to help you take it in the right direction, or you are looking to re-evaluate your current branding strategies to turn your business around, we have the skills, experience and expertise to get you where you need to be fast. We also offer a free consultation, so there is truly no risk when it comes to using our services.