Powering your Excellence


The quality of an organization’s manpower is inevitably mirrored in the organization’s success. Skilled and committed workers differentiate industry leaders and USC’s specialist manpower solution provides your enterprise this much-needed differentiation. By putting due focus on the quality of manpower we effectively augment your core competencies.


Attracting and Retaining the Best Manpower


USC helps you set up your organization as the most attractive employer for potential employees. As we clearly identify the exact purposes of hiring specialist manpower, we are naturally able to find the best human resources. We then create and execute a head-hunting program that is designed to attract the best people for the job.

  • Lower HR Costs
  • Better Focus on Strategy
  • Decrease Cost per hire
  • Reduce time to proficiency

Extensive Screening


Our extensive screening process makes sure that our shortlisted candidates are ‘qualified’ in every sense of the word. Whether it’s their technical competence or clean records, there are plenty of reasons for you to solely focus on their suitability for your organization.

We also ensure that the initial interview of a candidate is conducted by someone well-versed in the candidate’s field of expertise. This maximizes the value of the specialist manpower we recommend to clients.


A Strategic Choice


USC Business Consulting’s specialist manpower solution is a strategic choice that you make as an intelligent business poised for exceptional, sustainable success.

  • Higher Employee Satisfaction
  • Better Retention
  • Enhanced Workforce Performance

Our solution is instrumental in helping you manage an ever-increasing group of specialist manpower as your organization grows. Our services add speed and scalability to your HR capabilities, bringing about the best of all the inherent benefits.